We Value Your Trust


Valley fleet and facility cleaning has been building trusted relationships with our customers, our employees, and our community for almost 30 years. Relationships like these are built one at a time, through effective communication and consistent delivery.

Trust for Our Customers  |  Our Team  |  Our Community

Our Customers

For our customers this means we are accessible. Our operations personnel and customer service team are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day through our toll free line or their individual mobile phones. When you have a need you don’t want to talk to someone in an office miles away but to someone who knows you, your needs, and will be hands-on in delivery the services you need. On time, as promised, every time. It is our goal for you to be 100% satisfied with what we do.

Our Team

For our team members this means we value their loyalty and invest in their futures. Valley Fleet and Facility Cleaning seek out the best employees, continually train them, and provide long term, consistent income, benefits and advancement opportunities for them. Because of this we have extremely low employee turn-over and the best, most experienced teams in the industry. Many of our team members have been with us for decades and our management team is comprised of many personnel that started from entry level positions.

Our Community

For our communities this means we seek to partner with vendors and suppliers on a local level. We look for opportunities for engagement with local charities, employment training programs, and local governments, agencies, and other stakeholders in environmental, and safety compliance.