Commercial Fleet Washing Services

Fleet Washing

We provide our customers with convenient onsite access to a full range of high-quality, environmentally-friendly fleet cleaning services. We’re available around the clock, providing washing services for all types of fleet vehicles, no matter the size of the fleet; our wash water recovery processes are unmatched.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our services are custom tailored to meet your business’ needs. You’ll work with an account manager to choose the service selections, time, and frequency that works best for you. You’ll find that we’re flexible and well-accustomed to accommodating challenging schedules, changes, special service requests, and emergency cleanup situations.

Fleet Washing Services

Decal & Window Graphics Removal

Decal and Window Graphics Removal

We’re able to safely remove graphic decals and their adhesive residue from a vehicle’s exterior surfaces, without harming the paint.

Engine and Undercarriage Steam Cleaning

Engine and Undercarriage Steam Cleaning

The answer to your annual pre-DOT Inspection cleaning needs. Great for periodic equipment maintenance too.

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

To keep your fleet looking sharp, specify the services you’d like to add: vacuuming, dusting, shampooing, or deep detailing.

Aluminum Polishing

Aluminum Polishing

For maintaining the mirror finish on your equipment, wheels, and fuel tanks.

Interior Trailer Washouts and Sanitization

Trailer Washouts and Sanitization

Specialized steam cleaning and sanitizing services for Perishable Food transporting trailers.

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Wash Water Recovery

We use specialized water reclamation equipment to safely capture, transport, and dispose of all wash water, free of charge.

Our Eco-Friendly wash water recovery process is a foundational piece of the industrial cleaning services we provide. Keep reading below to learn more about our proven process.

The Four Elements of Our Proven Wash Water Recovery Program



Before the first wash, we’ll visit and physically inspect the wash site, noting water flow characteristics, storm water entry points, and legal disposal areas (if any). Following the inspection, you will receive a written Site Recovery Plan specifying the exact methods and procedures that will be implemented.



This can be accomplished several ways and is dependent on the type and number of Wash Area water entry points.


Pooled wash water is vacuumed into one of our collection trailers. Our collection equipment does NOT consist of simple “shop vacs” like many mobile wash operators, but rather a custom-designed gasoline-driven vacuum system, with the capacity to remove large amounts of liquid quickly and efficiently.


Legal disposal may be available through on-site sanitary sewer disposal. Wash water can also be transported to a Valley Services site for legal permitted discharge.