Commercial Facility Cleaning Services

Decal & Window Graphics Removal

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

No matter if you’re in need of sanitizing services for food and beverage packaging equipment or pallets, or if your supermarket needs it’s shopping carts cleaned, we’re here to help. We can certify the sanitation of each piece cleaned with special bacteria-killing agents.

Engine and Undercarriage Steam Cleaning

Food and Beverage Plants

Throughout California, we help food processors meet their safety audit requirements by regularly steam cleaning and pressure washing garbage bin storage areas, receiving docks, loading dock plates and doors, spoiled food collection areas, and more.

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Commercial Kitchens

We clean the kitchen exhaust systems of more than 500 restaurants throughout California. Our vent hood cleaning crews are clean, polite, well-trained, and certified. Our exhaust system cleaning service is in compliance with NFPA 96 standards.

Aluminum Polishing

Building Interiors and Exteriors

We provide professional power washing services for all types and sizes of buildings, with vinyl, metal, stucco, concrete, or brick siding. Our wash water recovery system even allows for indoor power washing. We frequently clean interior warehouse walls, racks, and flooring.

Interior Trailer Washouts and Sanitization

Floors and Sidewalks

We’ll keep your sidewalks and flat surfaces free of grime, gum, soda spills, and general traffic stains. We’re mindful of your employees, your customers, and the surrounding area.

Interior Trailer Washouts and Sanitization

Graffiti Removal

We’re able to remove spray paint from brick, concrete, and metal surfaces. Our customers are often surprised at how thoroughly and quickly we’re able to remove the unwanted markings from their fences, signs, and buildings.