We Value Innovation


We are constantly investing in technology and industry innovations to serve customers better. All of our team members are encouraged to communicate ideas, methods and processes that will provide our customers with more while staying within their budget.

  • We design and build our own highly efficient wash equipment. We will dispatch safe, well-maintained, fully functioning equipment to your site to consistently follow through on our promises.
  • We have put our 30 years of washing experience into blending our own soaps and degreasers. We will protect your equipment, property and the environment from harsh chemicals.
  • We have developed a fully interactive customer web-portal to give you up to date information about your account, allow you to view and pay invoices, schedule special services, and maintain equipment wash lists.
  • We have the largest fleet of Hybrid wash vehicles in the Western States. We have effectively reduced our carbon footprint by investing in available green technology to improve our fuel efficiency.
  • We have GPS tracking on all of our vehicles’ movements. Our investment in GPS tracking makes our routes more efficient and safer.