About Us

Our Beginning

Founder Kyle Mason recognized the need for an onsite truck washing solution in 1990 and began washing fleets for companies local to Fresno and the Central Valley. As the business grew during the 90’s and environmental regulations became more important, many of our customers came to us asking for a solution that would allow them to continue to wash their fleets economically and in a compliant manner. Because of this, VALLEY focused its efforts on developing new techniques and technology to protect local storm water systems, creating strategic partnerships with municipalities, and systematizing the delivery of these solutions. This innovation is at the core of our DNA and it continues today. These innovations and our reputation for creatively solving problems for customers spread and it soon became necessary to open new branches to efficiently serve the increasing needs of our customers.

Where We Are Today

Today, VALLEY Fleet & Facility Cleaning is a values-driven mobile cleaning service, seeking to be the southwest US’s TRUSTED  provider of INNOVATIVE, and COMPLIANT, cleaning SOLUTIONS.  We provide an ever-increasing list of services to businesses large and small, throughout California and Nevada. Our corporate headquarters is located in Fresno, CA—where we began 30 years ago— we operate locations in Las Vegas, Bakersfield, Modesto, Hayward, and Sacramento.  We are not a franchise, and do not sub-contract any of our work.  VALLEY Fleet & Facility Cleaning owns all its locations and operates as one team, covering an ever-growing geographic region. Much of this geographic growth has been driven by our long standing relationships with companies in the Equipment Leasing, Food Service, Grocery Distribution, and Waste Industries, and their desire to receive consistent and economical services, while avoiding the hassle of using multiple vendors, or vendors who use sub-contractors, franchisees, or “independent contractors”.

What Are Our Values?

Trust | Innovation | Compliance | Solutions

We Value Your Trust

From our humble beginnings in 1990, VALLEY has grown to become the West Coast’s largest provider of fleet and facility pressure washing services. This growth, and our reputation, has been earned by building trusted relationships one customer at time.

We Value Innovation

In every segment of our enterprise, we seek to improve our processes and our products through innovation. Our equipment, supplies, and information technologies are designed by, manufactured by, and owned by us, to serve the specific needs of our customers.

We Value Compliance

We are continually training our team members, improving our processes, and monitoring our own compliance, to protect our customers, our employees, and the environment from injury or liability.